Monday, April 13, 2009

My brother-in-law and nephew visited from Colorado about a month ago.

So I talked with the kid about shooting a movie and we planned the scenes together, shot it in about an hour and then I edited it later on (took about 15 hours to edit ... free time that I don't necessarily have, but what the heck, it's family).

It's open for a sequel, and I'm thinking the next time they visit we can add Anna in as the super villain/evil genius.

I do hope Anna is in to stuff like this when she gets a bit older. I plan on this being the first of many home movies.

Anna watched this a few times and was unsure what to think of it. The last time we watched it, during the electricity part, she said, "I dreamed that in my bed!"

It was the first time she ever told us about a dream. I hope she's not traumatized.

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DJ said...

Ripe for a sequel methinks...