Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Goode Family - Ep 2: One good observation. Meh jokes. Blech animation.

I've decided that for these Goode Family reviews I'm just going to throw thoughts together as I watch the episode. Like this:

Lame nightmare dream sequence about daughter Goode going to community college.


Some unfunny jokes about Native Americans.


At 8:10 into the show grandpa Goode manages to exit the Goode house while still holding onto the inside door handle. This feat of wonder brought to you by shitty animation.


Halfway through the show I wonder if adopted son Goode will quit the football team when he learns that the football is made from cow skin.


Yes! A vegan joke that's not at the expense of vegans! Some football dad at a barbecue holds up a slab of meat and tells dad Goode that he stuffed a turkey into a cow and asks if he wants some. Dad Goode says, "None for me, thanks. I'm completely stuffed with grapes."

It's not super funny, but it's true! Any vegan who has ever gone unprepared to a non-vegan potluck or barbecue knows the drill. You get whatever fruit there is. Some plain veggies (because the dip is ranch) and maybe some plain tortilla or potato chips.

So ... jeez ... maybe they have a vegan on staff after all?


There is a lesbian couple who are at a father/son football retreat (but see, they're women and their son thinks football "is gay" ... har har). They are butch (which is supposed to be a joke in itself, but of course is not). Here's the amount sensitivity with which these two characters are treated by the show creators. In one scene (at about 11:30) the brown haired lesbian is talking to dad Goode. The scene cuts away for a second to show adopted son Goode running toward dad Goode to give him a hug. When the scene returns to dad Goode the lesbian standing beside him is the blonde haired lesbian.

This feat of amazing lesbian transportation brought to you by lazy production. Could there be any better illustration of how little thought they put into the stereotypical lesbian characters? SOMEONE DIDN'T NOTICE THEY WERE SWITCHED! Unbelievable.


Then dad Goode tries to stop crazy football guy from killing a pig and dad Goode frees the pig only to be mauled by the pig. This will reinforce some people's view that pigs hate humans and will eat them if given the chance. This is, in fact, only true if the pig has been in captivity and treated like shit by humans. Then yes, they'll be sort of crazy and try to bite their oppressors if given the chance. Makes sense to me.

Anyway, they save the pig and then make him into the team mascot instead of the team sacrifice (apparently all it takes is adopted son Goode hugging the pig once to turn him into a docile pet).


Football wins and they all lived happily ever after. Except for the pig. Who is probably in a cage when he's not out on the field.

Oh, and all the cows who were killed to make the footballs definitely DID NOT live happily ever after.

So that sucks.


Neta said...

I don't get this show. It doesn't look like the mainstream idea about vegans, and it certainly doesn't seem like real vegans. They've created holes in stereotypes, that's just strange and not funny.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty lame episode