Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anna Wednesday #13

The girl loves her stuffed friends. She puts them to sleep during the day and gives them security objects. The bunny on the left has a baby doll as a security object (Anna is not speciesist in her stuffed friends role-playing). The giraffe on the right had blankie-bear for its security object, but that was before Anna laid down. See, blankie-bear is Anna's security object (and has been since she was around six months old or so).

Oh yeah, and she's a thumb sucker. Have I not mentioned that? She sucks her thumb to sleep. She's only three. I'm not too concerned about it.


BrisVegan said...

Anna is gorgeous, looking after her toys like that.

Don't worry about the thumb sucking. My oldest (now 14) used to suck his thumb to go to sleep. When he was about 6 he decided that he did not want to do it anymore. At his request, we used some anti-fingernail-chewing nail polish (basically a bitter lotion) to remind him not to suck. He only used it for a couple of weeks and has not sucked his thumb since.

By the way, he has beautiful straight, strong teeth, much straighter than his non-thumb-sucking younger brother.

Al said...

That is a great, reassuring story. Thank you so much.