Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friday Liam #26

Liam with his cousin Jacob (they were born on the same day).

It's Friday, right?


Niecey said...

How awesome that they were born on the same day.

(Liam is much cuter ;-), sorry if cousin's mom reads this hehe )

Hase said...

Yeah, it's Friday, sure!! ;-p

They are both sooo cute. Liam's expression is hilarious. (Liam is the one pulling a funny face, right?!?... *oops*)

Al said...

Niecey, a sister-in-law and I decided that the five little boy cousins in our family (all between the ages of 5 months and 4 years) won first place in a five-way tie in the Cutest Baby Boy in the Universe contest. But then, the judges were biased.

Hase, yep, Liam's the one having his face squished by Jacob.