Friday, January 29, 2010

We're All Made Of Meat

I had the strange experience last night of using my arm to illustrate to Anna what meat is.

I had her squeeze my arm and told her that all animals have skin and muscle and fat like we do and that's what people call meat. The animals are killed and then their skin, muscle and fat are cut off of the animal and that's meat.

I think her expression during this explanation (which I tried to strip of overt emotion (not that there's anything wrong with emotion)) could accurately be described as grossed out. I actually grossed myself out while explaining it to her.

Anyway, this reminds me of a photo series I recently saw by Ashley Watson. Check it out. It's not safe, but it's safe for work.


DJ said...

Hi Al, just letting you know I've nominated you for a blog award. Posts like this being exactly the reason! Have a great day.

Vegan Fox said...

I really admire this.