Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Photos

So I have photos. And I want to post them. So here you go.

We made cinnamon buns last weekend. We used this recipe at Vegan Yum Yum. We didn't use a big enough dish and didn't bake them long enough so the inside rolls were kind of gooey and not fully cooked (I think it's mostly because they didn't have enough room to expand, but then agian I'm sort of a bread novice), but the outsides pieces were pretty damn good. Definitely going to try it again with a bigger pan (or 2).

Here they are basking in the yellow glow of our stove light.

Liam's first birthday was in January. At first, we were going to have it at our house, but enough people RSVPd yes that we decided to move the party to a hotel near our house. All we had to do was rent a room for the night and they let us use the pool area the next day. There you go. A cheap pool-party birthday.

Liam wasn't actually too into the cake. He ate some, but like any food, he tired of it after a few bites and wanted something else (this is a blessing in disguise because it means he loves eating new foods).

Sledding in the back yard.

And I made a snow angel.

This was Anna's idea. I thought it looked cool.

She still loves her stuffed friends. George is laying on Rocky (the dog) who is laying on Buddy (the bear).

Anna's frosty window in the morning.

Jen and Liam.

Anna likes to help in the kitchen.

And I suppose the secret is out now. That's right. I'm pregnant.

OK. Not really. Seriously though, my gut is not usually that pronounced. But it is what it is. What can I say? I like food, beer and I don't regularly exercise. Sue me.

Actually, I sort of wear my weight with pride. I haven't lost a single pound since choosing veganism over seven years ago. That's not to say that you can't lose weight by going vegan, but ... well, look at me. I'm not exactly wasting away over here.

I'm still watching Ella on Friday's, much to my kids' delight. Liam has taken quite a shine to her. He even wants to hug her now when she comes over. It's awwwwwdorable.


Hase said...

Thanks for these pics - they are adorable!!
Love them!

When are you due to give birth then? ;-))

Celeste said...

You take such great photos. I think the one of all three kids sitting under the blanket is so sweet!

The cinnamon rolls look great. Let me know how they turn out next time around. I'm always interested in adding to the dessert recipe list. Sadly I think we have more dessert recipes than any others. Hence our own vegan belly guts :-)