Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bus Ride Conversations

Anna's loving her bus rides. She has a new friend she sits by, and they figured out that Anna should have me write our address and what our house looks like on a piece of paper so she can find it. Which I thought was pretty clever.

Here's what Anna said about the bus today.

Anna: One girl on the bus said that spinach was disgusting.

Me: What did you say.

Anna: I said spinach was yummy!

Me: Were you all talking about food you like and stuff?

Anna: Yeah.

Me: Like what foods?

Anna: Um, pretzels and popcorn and macaroni and cheese and suckers.

Me: Cool. Did it come up that you were vegan at all?

Anna: Yep, I said, "I'm vegan," and a girl didn't know what that meant so I told her.

Me: And what did she say?

Anna: She said, "Oh."


Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

I know how Anna feels... ;-) So glad she's loving her bus rides!

vegannifer said...

Love it! Little kids conversations are the best!