Friday, May 16, 2008

It's a Big Big World

I thought I'd share the song that Anna and I like to watch before her nap. The public television show "Big Big World" plays the same song at the end of every episode. This (and the few minutes of show that precede it) is usually the only TV Anna watches in a day.

Anyway, we missed it the other day so I looked for it on-line and whaddaya know? To view the video go here and click on "Try to Touch the Sky".

Big Big World is awesome. The main character is this totally laid back sloth. All of the characters live in the World Tree. The message of the show is usually about cooperation, the environment, getting along with everyone, seeing things from others' perspectives. It's really great. In fact, I think I put it above Sesame Street as far as kid-friendly TV goes.

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Timothy Mills said...

Cool. I watched all four videos. Good thing I'm the only one working in the lab today ;).