Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun With Real Audio

So, I know that it's customary to have at least one blog post between two videos of your kid singing Thunderstruck, but what the hell, I'm going to buck convention.

My sister's letting us borrow this radio, since her son isn't huge into singing yet. Anna just eats up the microphone. It's pretty cool.

Yeah, that thing has a functioning tape deck on it too. Which is cool, 'cause now I get to listen to all the grunge I had tucked away in the closet.

I'm pretty sure the next blog post won't have Anna singing Thunderstruck in it, but I can't promise anything.


Anonymous said...

The beard is back!
It's Back in (Brownish-)Black!

De-ne-nuh-ne-nuh--ne-nuh-ne-nuh-ne-nuh (x4)
De-ne-nuh-ne-nuh--ne-nuh-ne-nuh-ne-nuh (x2, on A string)
De-ne-nuh-ne-nuh--ne-nuh-ne-nuh-ne-nuh (x2)

Well, beard's back, back, back, back . . . yes, it's back in (scraggly-unkept) black!

B. Dave

Jeni Treehugger said...

hee hee hee LOVE IT!

Mark Leonard said...

You guys should sing at proms and stuff.