Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Veggie Nugget #24

"There is absolutely no single personal change that the average person can make that has a better impact on the environment than going vegan."

From "On the Environmental Disaster of Animal Agriculture" over at Unpopular Vegan Essays.

If you have some time and the wherewithal to think deeply about an uncomfortable subject, then I suggest checking out the rest of his blog.


Evan Nelson said...

What about not having children?

Al said...

Also, suicide.

But seriously folks, not having children isn't a personal change. It's the lack of an action. I guess you could change your thought process from thinking you'll have kids to thinking you won't. But thinking you'll have kids isn't a drain on the environment.

At any rate, not having kids is huge when it comes to the environment. I loudly applaud those who don't have kids for that reason (and other reasons, of course).

Evan Nelson said...

Not eating meat is a lack of action, to follow that argument. Thinking about steak isn't a drain on the environment. Unless you think that thinking about steak enticing corporations to produce ready-to-eat steak at a pace which outstrips actual demand then advertises steak in order to inflate demand to the point that the amount of steak produced might get consumed at, say, somewhere near 85% levels. And think about all the environmental strain produced by people thinking about steak! Thank goodness no economic sectors or industries produce tremendous amounts (at an environmental strain) because people think about having children.

Are we getting to the point where we measure carbon footprints like we used to measure dick sizes?

Al said...

Finally! A situation where smaller is better.