Monday, May 4, 2009

Here's a photographic journey through our yard in the springtime. Just imagine me standing at a projector in the back of the room, speaking in a droll voice.

(Before we begin, just wanted to let you know that you can click on any of these photos to view them much larger if you are so inclined.)

In Anna's pre-pre-school class on Monday night she made a bird feeder ring with pipe cleaner and Cheerios. The ring sat out there for at least a week without any action.

Then all of a sudden they were gone. I refilled it a few times and never got to see what was eating them. Until one day, when Anna was at a friend's place I saw this little bugger chomping down. I took a photo to show her later.

Here are the pre-bloom tulips. They bloomed beautifully, but I didn't have a chance to get photos before that friggin' squirrel up there (or one of his/her cohorts) ripped them all off. Petals were laying at the base of the tree one morning. Oh well.

Our back yard tree was full of these little koosh-ball buds a couple weeks ago.

Now the leaves are popping out.

And here's the front yard tree. I love how the leaves in early spring have the same color as the leaves in the fall.

Here is the Al Franken lawn sign that sits below our front yard tree. Caked in mud and not yet where it should be, just like Al.

Fern in our back yard rain garden.

And here are the daffodils. We planted these daffodils, we figured, five years ago. This is the first year they have bloomed.

This one's ready to pop. It looks sinister.

And here's my arty photo, taken at the golden hour and everything.

We had a couple productive raspberry bushes last year. By the looks of the sprawl, we might have five or six this year. I think I'll let these take over half the lawn before I start managing them.

Day lilies haven't bloomed yet, but they're nice and green and lush.

The best part about our back yard, of course, is Anna running around in it.

And finally, a note to self: Try to clean this up this year.

By the way, I did something like this one other time last year during the summer. You can check that out here.


Jacqueline DuBois said...

Nice! Great use of the new lens. :) "Like father like son." Looks like you got your dad's green thumb. Lucky. Lovely backyard.

miss minneapolis said...

Awesome awesome pictures!