Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anna's Rug Words

Here's the second half of that video I posted last week. Anna stole the spotlight from Liam.

Warning, the first few seconds are extremely loud. Anna yelled some Klingon (which is what her made-up words sound like to me) into the webcam and (even though I turned the audio down quite a bit when editing the movie) it's still ear-splitting. Especially if you're wearing headphones.

"Rug words" has no meaning. She just said the first thing she saw. What kind of word is it? Well there's a rug, so it's a rug word. She does the same thing when I ask her what she dreamed about or what one of her dolls is named. I like that dolls are named pillow. It's fun.

Oh, and part of this video is missing. It's over to the left there on the sidebar. Check it out.


Kris said...

She said hello to me before her mom? I am flushed.

Hi Anna!

Hase said...

Unfortunately I don't have sound on my laptop, so I can't really fully enjoy the video.... but what I also want to say is that the animal counter is working again!! I finally included it in my blog, too, and I translated it in German for my German readers (I hope that's ok). Thanks, Al!! :o)

Al said...

Hase, it's actually a new counter. I think someone got fed up with the old one not being available and made this new one. The counting isn't as fluid as the last one, but I like the fact that it shows more animals.

Hase said...

Yeah, I realized that it was another one. Anyway, I'm really happy to have it now! As you know, I was keen on it right when I first saw it! ;-)

Becky said...

Hearing Anna say "This little piggy had tofu" is almost unbearably cute! I love your blog. :)