Friday, September 25, 2009

Vegan Candy Bar Giveaway

My friend Mindy's blog that she started with a friend is having a candy bar giveaway.

Go to Veg Out With Us to enter.

I'm lessening my chances of winning by linking to the contest, but it's a great blog and they went through all the trouble of lining the contest up with the company that makes the candy bars... So I'm a nice guy, is what I'm saying.

Go enter. Good luck.


Jess of Veg Out! said...

Aw, you ARE a nice guy! :) Thank you!

Good luck!

Richard said...

Hello, I just created a top list of best websites for dads (or future dads): Could you share this with your readers?
Please let me know if you find any mistakes or know of a site that should be on this list.
BTW, I thought your blog was a great read, so I've included it on the list.