Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vegan Mainstream Interview

Hi there! 

Some of you may be coming here from Vegan Mainstream, which published an interview with me yesterday, Being a Vegan Dad (and Blogger).

As I usually do when there's a chance that new people will be visiting my blog, I'm going to link to some posts I've written which, if I'm being honest, I feel represent me and my blog in the best light. 

But first! If you want to hear the voice of my and my daughter, check out the Midwest Vegan Radio podcast that we were interviewed on. And would you look at that, you can listen to it right on Vegan Mainstream!

Anyway, here are some posts I like: 

Stats: a post about the health of my children.

Cat on the Playground: on Anna's reaction to kids chasing a cat on the playground.

Flabbergasted: about Anna's reaction upon hearing that a lot of people care about dogs and cats, but not other animals.

My Daughter the Monkey Eater: on pretending to eat animals.

We're All Made of Meat: on explaining what "meat" is to Anna.

This is Not a Post About Milo & Otis: on Anna trying to understand others who aren't vegan.

The Life I Did Save: about a squirrel I brought into a rehabilitation center.

Dolores Hureta: A Hero to Migrant Workers: a review I wrote of the book. 

Kale: It's What's For Dinner: in which I introduce a design and write about the wonders of kale. 

So yeah. That's my blog. Welcome to it. 

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great post! congrats on the interview! :)