Monday, August 6, 2007

What Does She Eat?

A typical meal for Anna consists of quite a few elements. For this meal, I first gave her a whole wheat cracker. Then I put all this stuff on a plate. Clockwise from the top, it's squash, chickpeas, applesauce and little pieces of a Boca brand faux-chicken nugget.

It's all finger-food.

She doesn't quite have the concept of dipping down yet. She did eventually eat almost all of this, it just took a long ... long, long time.

And here's a photo from a different meal that shows off her top teeth. These are only her third and fourth teeth, which isn't that many for a one year old. I asked her pediatrician if there are any controllable external forces that can have an effect on teeth coming in (like diet, for example), and she reassured me that her teeth will come in when they're damn good and ready (OK, she didn't say "damn") and there's nothing to worry about.

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