Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dated Holiday Fun

Well, it's almost February. And you know what that means. Yup. Time to post photos from December!

This is the second in my playing-catch-up series. Look for photos from January sometime in February.

Here's a photo of Anna's first time in the snow. It was bitterly cold and windy, so she only lasted a few minutes. Probably not a good "first time in the snow" experience. Whoops.

Anna helped decorate a friend's tree before we left town for Christmas. Our house was completely void of any holiday decoration. It's not that we don't have any (there is a whole bin full in the basement), it's just that we didn't find time to do it this year and, to be honest, I could care less. I guess it's festive to decorate. Maybe Anna will want to when she gets older. That's probably the only way I'll get into the decorating spirit.

A couple photos taken at mommy's mom's place:

She's holding onto her baby (name: Baby) in this photo below. Baby is also in three of the four photos after this one. See if you can spot her.

I love how she crosses her legs when she sits. I mean, I cross my legs when I sit. How crazy is that?! Oh, not so much? Well, at least it's cute.

My dad got the grandkids wagons for Christmas. They were a hit.

My dad keeps letting the kids play on the pool table in the basement. This can only end badly. Like next time were home and it's decided that Anna's too big to play on the pool table now. That's going to be fun.


half pint pixie said...

Aah...she's very cute. Littlepixie has a baby doll whose name is also "Baby". thy must be twins!

mindy said...

Awesome pictures!

Also, my dad lost a tooth to a pool ball. My little sister, Miranda, was 18 months old and playing with one and she chucked it at him (to catch, not because she was so mean - yet). It hit him square in the mouth. What I'm saying is that letting Anna play on a pool table is just an invitation for a root canal!

Britta Trygstad said...

Whoops, I just wanted to edit my last comment. Here is what I meant to say:

Oh my, Anna looks so pretty in the picture you took with her in front of the Christmas tree.

How is it possible she gets cuter and cuter?