Saturday, January 19, 2008

Grab Bag o' Photos

OK, so I've fallen behind on posting photos of Anna. Here are some from November (yeah, three months ago!).

We didn't actually rake the day this photo was taken, but we thought, well, we need a photo of Anna in a pile of leaves!

Note of shame: This is the only raking that we did in our back yard this fall. I know! I know! We're bad homeowners.

Anna sitting at her activity table with her friend, Buddy. He's usually a fun-loving bear, but whenever I break out the camera he gets all stoic.

Veggie Booty was sold out in all of the stores (and no, it wasn't recalled again), so I ordered some on-line. Oh, and while I was at it I ordered a case of Tings and Caramel Pirate's Booty. Yum.

Anna couldn't say thank you (she can now!), but I'm pretty sure she appreciated it.

Anna was happy to see her cousin Noah over Thanksgiving. He lives in Colorado and we don't get to see him or his dad that often. When they first saw each other, these two hugged for, no exaggeration, about five minutes straight. It was one of the sweetest things I have ever witnessed.

Here's Anna and all of her paternal cousins. I love that they're all looking in completely different directions.

And finally, one day at the end of November, it was unseasonably warm. So we went to the playground.


mindy said...

The second picture of Anna is one of the cutest pictures EVER!!! I mean, they all are, but I really like that one in particular.

Cakespy said...

What incredible cuteness!! I love the one with the teddy bear.

Kerz said...

That line up of cute babies on the couch blows my mind. So many babies.

Very nice, sir.

Anonymous said...

I love photos! Thank you for posting. I'm always looking for photo ideas for Madelyn. We've posted a lot of photos on our Mark and Jill blog.