Saturday, March 22, 2008

Feb. Photo Dump

I have a bunch of photos I want to put up, so here goes:

Anna is a flower girl in a friends' wedding in May. This is her dress (and curls) from the back:

And here's her with a hand on her cousin Zach's butt.

She loves hugging her cousins, in addition to touching their butts.

And here are the first photos of Anna with my new flash. I'm still getting used to it, but I'd say these are considerably better than what I could do without it.

Bustin' a move:

She still loves her bear, Buddy.

Here's a photo that was taken in Decmber 2006 of Anna and Buddy:

And finally, some outdoor photos. We made a couple mini snowmen. Anna loves saying "snowman," so I thought it was time to actually build one. We built a big one a couple days ago too, but a lot of it melted right away and now it looks like a creepy alien in our back yard. Like Mr. Burns did in that one episode of the Simpsons with Mulder and Scully. You know the one.

And if that wasn't enough photos for you, our friend Britta just posted some photos of Anna on her blog here. They are approximately 100 times better than the photos you just saw.


len20 said...


What is the difference between your photos and Britta's? You know I love your photos, but Britta's are significantly awesome. Is it all the photographer, all the equipment, or both? Could she take photos that crisp with you camera?

Al said...

I hear ya Mark.

I'm inclined to say it's both. Britta is an amazing photographer with great equipment.

I think she would be disappointed with my equipment. Chiefly, my lenses. She has a big ol' lens on her Cannon and I have a tiny thing on my Nikon. But I guarantee that once she got used to my camera and flash, she'd be able to take better photos than me.

len20 said...

which Nikon are you using? I'm considering buying a D70 from a friend. Is that what you're using?

Al said...

Yep, I'm using a D70 with an SB-600 flash and a couple average Nikon lenses that came with the camera.

The camera isn't perfect (there's no timer function and no bulb setting), but it's good. I like it.

Jacqueline DuBois said...

Oh she's so pretty. :) I love the last one in the the snow suit. And the second last one, she looks like she's walking with purpose, like on mission. And I love the one with the three faces toghether. Cool. Can't wait to see her again in May.

DJ said...

LOL - Butt-toucher - I love it! And she looks so cute with her little red nose in the snow - reminds me of my daughter when she was a toddler!