Friday, March 7, 2008

Grab Bag o' Food

So, we've been on an Indian kick here in the Piggy household. Here are a few things we've made in the last couple weeks.


Seitan Tikka Masala:

Potato Curry thing with onions, bok choy and carrots (and rice, of course):

And here's something that definitely isn't Indian - Tofu-Piggies in a Blanket.

Guess which one of the above dishes is Anna's favorite. Yep, it's the Tofu-Piggies In a Blanket. I think of the three Indian dishes she liked the Seitan Tikka Masala the best. It had a nice mellow back-of-your-throat spiciness to it.

How about a photo of Anna to round out the post? We rarely give her chocolate, but we did give her just a little bit of a chocolate covered pretzel from Liz Lovely. It may not look it from this photo, but she loved it.


half pint pixie said...

Now I want Indian food too! And chocolate covered pretzels!!

Cakespy said...

That Seitan Tikka Masala looks amazing! Mmm. Indian food is my favorite!

Andy said...

We posted a picture last week on our blog of our pretzels getting coated in chocolate that Anna might find interesting. Check it out:

And be sure to hang on to that picture of Anna, we're planning a photo contest for summer. Have a great day!

--Andy (Liz Lovely marketing guy)

Vegan_Noodle said...

I think the tikka masala would have been my favorite.
Anna looks so cute with her chocolate covered face!

herbivore said...

Mmmm! Looks great! I want to try making pigs in a blanket.. I used to love them... I made them with tortillas though.