Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Pleased to Meet You"

Yay! It's another video of Anna!

The first two and a half minutes or so are her dancing to the Toddlers Sing CD. She is obsessed with this CD. We listen to the thing at least a few times a day and she always goes crazy when we turn it on (I challenge you to not laugh out loud at the first minute of this video).

When I'm out on the town, sitting in a bar with a friend, driving down the street, cooking dinner, trying to get to sleep (you get the idea) songs from this CD are running through my head. I was humming "The More We Stick Together" at my Senate District Convention today. Odd. And oddly appropriate.

And yes, she actually says, "Pleased to meet you," in the video.

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len20 said...

Great to see Jen in this video!