Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've been working with glazing a lot lately. This kind of glazing.

And all I've been able to think about when working with that not-so-fun stuff in a tube is this kind of glazing.

Or is that frosting?

And yes, that's a Cinnabon. Or more accurately, that's a vegan Better Than Cinnabon.

A few months ago we were walking around the Mall of America and I mentioned to my wife that I thought I heard somewhere that Cinnabons were vegan. She went nuts with anticipation and asked the kid at the Cinnabon stand if they have any milk, butter or eggs in them. Well, it turns out they are most definitely NOT vegan. They're chock full of horrible cholesterol and suffering. (It turns out I was thinking about Annie's Pretzels, which are vegan as long as you ask them to leave off the butter.)

But Cinnabons taste SOOOO good, right? So we were on a mission to find a vegan version of Cinnabon's and realized that we'd have to just make them ourselves.

We found this recipe, and I have to say it really did the trick.

Mrs. Piggy and I made a batch one night. We started at 7 o'clock and they weren't done until a quarter after midnight (waiting for the dough to rise takes up a lot of time, time that we spend playing Mario Kart Double-Dash on the Gamecube). So if you're going to make them, I suggest starting the dough in the morning or afternoon.

A few weeks later I made a double batch. If you're going to make these, you should probably make a double batch, because not only are you going to want a lot, you're also going to want to share them with all your friends. Seriously, these are moaningly good. Yes, moaningly. Meaning they make you moan in pleasure.

I joked to Mrs. Piggy the first time we ate them, "I know that these are cruelty-free, but they taste like they are sooooo full of cruelty."

Make them. Now. And then let me know what you think.


erin said...

Hmmmm... not that I'm all picky, but I wonder how a good vegan carmel coating and pecans would work? Maybe using this carmel recipe? Mmmmmmmm... just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

Al said...

Oh. Hell. Yes.

We should have a carmel roll party sometime.