Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Over and Over...

Anna's new favorite song is Happy Birthday. Yesterday morning (most mornings actually) she asked me to sing it while she ate breakfast.

"Sing Happy Birthday Anna, Daddy," she politely demanded.

I usually try to think of whose birthday it was recently or whose it will be soon. Our good friend Kris Kerzman (Kerz, as we call him) turns 30 today, so we sang it to him.

And then we shot a ridiculous video.

Please excuse my dancing and try to focus on the little kid instead of the big one.

The song is "Devil A-Go-Go" by Blitzen Trapper, in case you're curious. I realized later that I should have played Birthday Song by the Beatles. Oh well.


Adrienne said...

she is SO adorable! kerz is guaranteed to have the best birthday ever upon seeing this! :)

Mark Leonard said...

Nice legs, Al.

Jessica said...

So, cute!!

Anonymous said...

Your head isn't in any of this -you remind me of the "unidentified" adults in the Muppets and Charlie Brown.

Lisa C