Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mixed Media

Today, Anna drew a picture for her mother. She sat down at her little table and I got out her briefcase full of markers and crayons. She prefers the markers. They're easier to draw with, plus they make her hands and clothes all sorts of fun colors. Sometimes they make mommy and daddy's clothes colors too. Cool!

So she drew and drew and drew and I'm not going to lie to you, I suggested different colors and told her that maybe she could fill in some white space here and maybe she could make some dots instead of lines, lines instead of circles, circles instead of lines.

These were all suggestions, mind you. In some cases, she chose to follow them, in others she ignored me completely. That's cool.

So after going with the markers for a while she decided to color with some crayons. I said, "Ooooooh, you're going to do some mixed media, huh?"

And she said, "Yeah, Anna mixed media."

It's times like these that I look at my daughter and I want to just hug her for the rest of her life. But she wouldn't get much sleep. And eating would be hard with me attached. So instead I just smile and die a little inside.

Here's what she drew:

And here's a closer view.

It's really hard to see the crayon, which is why crayons suck and why Anna prefers markers.


half pint pixie said...

You've got a budding artist there Al, Littlepixie also prefers the markers for the same reason, and colouring pencils are waaay down her list as they barely make a mark!

Al said...

We've never tried colored pencils, but my guess is she wouldn't like them. She loves pens though (supervised, of course).

I'm thinking of doing finger painting with her soon. That should be fun.