Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Anna's Dance Moves

Anna goes to dance class on Thursday's. She loves to dance and always has, so we figured, why not? It's an eight week program and she's half-way done with it.

So here she is dancing. I didn't edit this video down at all, because I love every second of it. (Note: at about 30 seconds you can hear Liam crying from all the way upstairs. The kid's got lungs.)

About the dance class:

Anna loves the class, but she's unsure about the other girls and has actually told me she's scared of them (and then later, that she's shy of them).

It probably is just her being shy, but part of me wonders. The class is for ages 3 to 5 and most of the older (and even some of the younger) girls wear actual ballet slippers and leotards. It's an informal class and there is no dress code.

Part of me is mad at the parents who dress their kids in dance clothes, because they know full well that not all the kids are going to wear that stuff, and why make the kids who don't wear it feel inadequate?

The other part of me wants to buy a leotard and ballet slippers.

Anna told me she bumps into the girls and she says sorry to them when she does, but that they don't say anything back to her.

Unfortunately (but probably fortunately) they don't allow parents to sit in on the classes. We just get to watch the final class, where I assume it will be different than a normal class anyway. I suspect subtle bullying. Who knows.

Anyway, the teacher is nice and the girls all love her (yes, it's all girls in the dance class). But we're still not sure if we're going to sign her up for more classes. She's also in swimming lessons and we'll keep doing those.

We're thinking of maybe putting her in yoga next, since she's expressed interest in that too. Any suggestions or recommendations for fun active classes for a three-year-old?


Jennifer said...

Your kids are so cute and your blog is very cool!

Lani said...

Emma's getting ready to start Girl Scouts and is very excited about it. Yoga sounds great! How about art classes? Both of ours really like Kindermusik. There's always sewing?