Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's that time of year again!

Guess what she's eating!

For the last couple years, we at the Piggy household have dined on human flesh for Halloween. A couple years ago, it was a free-range human, Timothy. He was treated well and ... well, I'll just pull a quote like I did last year:
Little Timothy was fed a natural diet free of growth hormones and antibiotics and was allowed to leave his cage and go outside and play for sometimes up to a few hours per day! And he lived four happy years before he was shipped off to the slaughter house and took a bolt gun to the head (really, the most humane way to kill a human raised for meat). We're pretty sure the bolt gun was painless. So don't go getting your undies in a bunch. He lived a good life. We're compassionate people here in the Piggy household.

Here's a photo of Anna feasting on the lucky little guy way back when.

And last year, we didn't have as much time on our hands, so we just picked up some human liver at a supermarket.

But this year, we've been trying to be more compassionate and eat more locally ... really adopt a back-to-the-land attitude toward food. So we raised some backyard cats. Here's Anna feasting on rice krispies and cat eyeballs.

Liam looked on in shocked horror. But he'll learn soon enough: If you don't finish your cat eyeballs you don't get any dessert.

Finally, here's Anna just taking it all in. She's such a foodie. She's my little Bourdain-in-training.

Have a Happy Halloween! I'll post some costume photos in a couple days.

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