Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Mofo for this Mofo

Ah, VeganMofo, that glorious month where hundreds of bloggers sign up to post something vegan-food-related at least once every weekday during the month of October.

I did it last year. It was fun. I really wanted to do it again this year, but decided I didn't have the time (click here to see my Mofo posts from last year).

So I'm not doing it this year, but it's still on my mind. And to all you VeganMofoers out there, good on ya.

But I feel like joining in a bit on the fun, so here's a photo. Anna made some pickles with her mom and her mom's mom on Saturday.

Be sure to check out all the blogs participating in VeganMofo this year. It's staggering. I love that there is too much veganism out there on the web for one person to ever read in their lifetime. It gives me warm fuzzies inside.

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