Friday, October 31, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day 31 - Boo!

It's Halloween! And you know that that means. Just like last year, Anna's once again dining on human flesh.

Last year it was a free range child we kept penned in our back yard.

Little Timothy was fed a natural diet free of growth hormones and antibiotics and was allowed to leave his cage and go outside and play for sometimes up to a few hours per day! And he lived four happy years before he was shipped off to the slaughter house and took a bolt gun to the head...


This year we just bought some human liver at a supermarket. You'd be amazed the crap you can buy in supermarkets.

So here are a few more of Anna feasting.


Here, she's saying, "Oh, I just can't bear to eat any ... aw what the hell, I can always take the belt off. Gimme another piece of the breast meat!

Ahhhhhh, she's going to really hate me for this when she grows up.

And for the record, it's juice from frozen blueberries. These photos were taken before it got really out of hand.

It was a fun VeganMoFo. Now I think I'm going to take a break for at least a few days. Thanks for reading! Have a happy Halloween! And for those of you who live in the United States of America, please, for the love of all that is real and good, vote for Obama!


Liz said...

Ha!!! Hilarious!

Bex said...

haha! that was fantastic. Happy Halloween and awesome mofoing.

Megan said...

She is so cute!! Eeep.

DJ said...

That's awesome - she looks possessed - more flesh!!! I mean, blueberries!!!