Thursday, February 21, 2008


Isil over at Veggie Way and Pixie at Half Pint Pixie have both given an award for excellence to This Little Piggy Had Tofu. Thanks Isil and Pixie!

So here are the rules:

By accepting this Excellent Blog Award, I have to award it to 10 more people whose blogs I find Excellent Award worthy. I can give it to as many people as I want, but I'll award at least 10. Thank you out there for having such great blogs and being such great friends! You deserve this! If chosen, you agree to the same information above. If chosen, also feel free to award people who have already been awarded…

So, here are eleven awards, in no particular order:

1. What I Killed Today - I recently discovered this blog and every new post gives me pause. It's written by a vegan veterinarian who has to sometimes euthanize companion animals. The writing is minimalist, sad, bleak, and yet somehow touching.

2. Britta Trygstad's Photo Page - Amazing photography from my friend Britta. An onion has never looked cooler.

3. The Joyful Vegan - This blog is full of real accounts of real everyday people (like you and me!) going vegan. It's inspiring and makes me proud to be vegan (or, more proud, I should say).

4. By Other Means - Vegan home education in the UK. There are a bunch of great photos on this blog and fun posts about their home education adventures. Makes me want to home school.

5. Veggie Way - A great blog about vegansim, parenting and vegan parenting.

6. Half Pint Pixie - Another great blog about veganism, parenting and vegan parenting. I believe hers was one of the first blogs I ever subscribed to, and it was the first blog to ever link to mine.

7. Mindy Does Minneapolis- And now for something completely different, the sometimes-sordid, sometimes-mundane, always-funny exploits of my friend (and recent veg*n!) Mindy. Always good for a laugh.

8. The Sisters Vegan - I love the design of this page. They just started the blog less than a month ago and it's already one of my favorites. Good content will do that, I guess.

9. Read My Mind - Speaking of content, Elaine Vigneault is one of the most prolific bloggers out there. I swear, she has ten posts a day. And they're almost all enlightening (and the ones that aren't are at least entertaining). She writes a lot about feminism and veganism and rights and the places where those meet (everywhere, in case you didn't know). I suggest perusing the archives on this blog. There's a lot of great stuff. She also writes for Vegan Soapbox, which is very cool.

10. Kris Kerzman for President in 2024 - My friend Kris Kerzman's blog. His welcome blurb says it all: "You've decided to waste your time reading about a guy who wants to be president in 17 years, so he started this blog in order to drum up support for himself, which would eventually lead to the amount of legitimacy needed to be seriously considered for the presidency. Congratulations."

11. The Friendly Humanist - Insightful posts about Humanism, atheism, science and, yeah, there's one post where the author realizes that dining on animal flesh is morally indefensable. I have to quote part of that post here, because I found it so refreshing to read:

"My Humanist values draw no neat lines to box out that which is superficially different. My right to be free from torture derives from the fact that pain is an evil. Humans are not the only animals that experience pain. My right to liberty derives from the fact that I have consciousness, a will. I cannot pretend that my baby daughter has consciousness but an animal with whom I might communicate (for now) more readily - a trained pig for instance - has not."


I could list another eleven or twenty blogs worthy of an award for excellence, but I'll leave it at that. Feel free to pass on the award if you'd like. Or not. That's cool too.


mindy said...

Wait, did you just call me mundane?

Al said...

Yeah, but I also said funny! Even when you're mind-numbingly mundane, you're still funny!

Wait, that came out wrong...

Isil Simsek said...

thank you very much ;)

Cakespy said...

Ooh, nice list of cool new sites to check out! Awesome job on getting E for excellent, by the way!

half pint pixie said...

Thank you muchly :) I must read some of the blogs you've awarded, they look good!

herbstsonne said...

Aw shucks! :) Thanks for including The Sisters Vegan on this post!