Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Loving Liz Lovely on Love Day

You're more than likely reading this on Valentine's Day. So... happy Valentine's Day.

My wife and I ordered a box of Liz Lovely's Lovely Oh's and ooooooooooh are they good. We broke into them today and, well, let's just say our first tasting experience was not rated PG. There was much moaning and positive cursing. As in, "Holy fu**ing s**t these are f**king good."

Anna was taking a nap.

All hail Liz Lovely.

Then Anna woke up and played with the packaging.

(Yeah, I'm kind of disappointed with the quality of this video, pixel-wise. I'm still new at putting video on-line. I'll figger it out eventually.)

So all in all, Liz Lovely rocks. Her Oh's and packaging will provide days and days of enjoyment.


Cowboy Dan said...

Thanks, Guys! Nice work on the photos, too. Liz and I really appreciate your support. Happy Valentine's Day.

len20 said...

Anna is awesome. She laughs like Jen.

When you figure out how get better quality videos online, let me know. We just bought a nice camera and our videos are just as pixalated.