Friday, February 15, 2008

My Daughter, the Self-Absorbed Couch Potato

So, Anna really likes to watch herself on You Tube. Here's a video of her watching the Happy Birthday Britta video from a couple posts ago.

She's saying "kids" after the video ends, because she wants me to find videos on You Tube of kids playing and doing silly things. Yeah, she's already a You Tube addict. Seriously. When I shut the laptop and tell her we're all done, she throws a fit. We've created a monster.

And yes, in case you're wondering, I have considered shooting a video of her watching the video I shot of her watching the Happy Birthday Britta video.

Excessive? Or ... GENIUS?

Yeah. Excessive. You're right.


Peace, Love and Veganism said...

Love your blog! I hope to have a vegan baby, too :) What is her favorite food so far? (or is she eating solids yet - I assume so).

Al said...

Her fav is Veggie Booty. I wasn't kidding, the kid's a couch potato.

OK, I'm kidding. She's actually a normal active kid. But she DOES love watching videos on the 'puter and 5 minutes of TV here and there (Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, Great Big World ... that kind of stuff).

But yeah, she looooves the Veggie Booty and Tings. But those are snacks. She likes sweet potatoes and, get this, plain par-boiled ground up spinach. Crazy. She loved the lentil loaf I made a while ago too. Oh, and strawberries.

Huh, I should probably post an update of what she's eating these days.

Lucy said...

not excessive at all - it's very cool that you love your daughter so much - she's very cute :) Daniel was very interested in the super tuesdsay vid you link to below - he really was excited by the day! As for the biblical/deity infused hate mail - we get it too... it's quite bizarre.