Friday, October 3, 2008

Pee-Soaked Cloth

No, this isn't a VeganMoFo entry. Ewwww. You're gross for even thinking it could be. Or maybe that's me. Either way, eww.

I just threw our first batch of cloth diapers in the wash. We've been doing disposable diapers for Anna for over two years now (since she was born) and we've decided that, for our second kid, we're going to go with cloth diapers.

We've been practicing on Anna with the one-size-fits-all Bum Genius diapers (they fit kids from infant to 30-some pounds ... though honestly they seem a bit snug on Anna and she's not quite 30 pounds).

She runs around naked a lot, since she's potty training, so we don't go through a lot of diapers nowadays. So I just put three day's worth of cloth diapers in the wash and - phew! - they're stinky.

It has been about 25 years since last I smelled pee-soaked cloth (if you don't count those few times in college when ... um ... on second thought, never mind). My parents diapered all six of their kids in cloth and now, thanks to the urine of my daughter, I distinctly remember the smell of my little brother's diaper pail.



Neta558 said...

That's a great decision, good for you!
It might be a little stinkier with a new born :P good luck!

Kris said...

The pee smell was usually covered up by the doob smell.

Anna said...

you get used to the smell belive me, I'm on my second child through cloth diapers and I haven't gagged for a long time when opening the diaper bucket! Actually cloth diapers smell less than disposables when they're being worn I've noticed, I hate it when I use an eco disposable on my 1 year old when we go out and he stinks, it's never that way when he's in cloth. Hope the cloth works out well for you!

Anonymous said...

I agree, cloth diapers smell less than disposables. I just threw out a bag of dirty disposables (just came back from a trip around the world and decided to continue with disposables for one day) and it was way stinkier than my diaper pail. Went back to cloth today - whew! Tip - get one of those squirty hose things that you can attach to your toilet and then you can spray the poo off without having to dunk the diaper. Love it!