Friday, October 17, 2008

Vegan MoFo Day 17 - Baked Tomatoes Sicilian Style

My wife had book club last night. Her book clubs are usually potlucks as well, so she had to bring some food. I usually make that food, which if fine by me. I like cooking.

But it's really weird to not be able to watch the food I make being eaten. I mean, she'll tell me whether or not the girls liked it, but still ... I want to watch the act of mastication, to analyze the forehead scrunches and body language with each bite (does that sound creepy? ... Yes? ... What's that? ... You never want me to cook for you?).

But I can't be there, so I feel like the band director who can't make it to the big concert. The auto maker who never gets to drive in the car he makes day-in, day-out. The cook slaving away in the kitchen who never emerges to see what the patrons think of his masterpieces.

Was that last one was too literal?

Anyway, I made these Baked Tomatoes Sicilian Style. They were good. I got to eat one before Mrs. Piggy whisked them away.

Note: I doubled the amount of bread crumbs that the linked recipe calls for. I did this for a couple reasons: 1. The amount called for wouldn't have filled up the hollowed out tomatoes, and 2. I refuse to make something without altering the recipe in some form. It's makes me feel in control of my kitchen.


Caty said...

They look so good. I'd happily let you analyze my forehead scrunches if I got some of those tomatoes out of it!

Jeni Treehugger said...

I bet they were a HUGE hit! They look darn tasty!

mindy said...

You may still cook for me - but I will be covering my face so you can't stare at me creepily.

Al said...

It's the only way I know how to stare at people.

Bex said...

they tomatoes look great but please don't watch me eat.